Who are we?

We are here for the people in the organisation. We focus on developing our people to be the very best through individual coaching and team workshops

We are constantly on the look-out for people who will fit with our culture; curious, open-minded people who are capable of managing themselves and who thrive in highly collaborative team environments. 

We are also responsible for developing the organisation, with a focus on self-managing teams, autonomy and continuous improvement. We spend a lot of time researching new ways of thinking and alternative organisational models, through researching other companies, reading books and articles on the topic. We love to be inspired!

We nurture the Asolvi culture and it is our responsibility to get people on board with it.


People & Culture


What we believe in

We succeed as a team and we fail as a team

Are you willing to work with others with an open mind to new ideas or approaches? Do you know and trust the members of your team? Are you aware of each team member’s role and the benefit they bring? Are you willing to help a struggling team member for the success of the team? If you answer yes to these questions then you have understood what teamship and collaboration is.

We want psychological safety in our teams, which means that every team member should feel accepted and respected and safe to share their ideas without fearing judgement. This leads to more innovation, experimenting, learning and engagement. We work on creating psychological safety through coaching and group dynamics training.


Just Talk

We believe in Just Talking. Do you have a question? Do you have some assumptions? Do you wonder what is expected of you? Do you wonder if you are providing value to the team? Just Talk! Ask questions, do not act on assumptions. Ask for feedback, don’t just assume you are providing value. Ask what is expected of you and let your colleagues know what you expect of them. We believe this culture will create a thriving environment where everyone is challenged to perform at their best, every day. 






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