What attracted you to Asolvi?

Initially, I was really interested in working remotely and with Elixir. There aren't a lot of companies that tell you will work exclusively with Elixir.

But also, since I noticed how the job advertisement was written, I saw a company with a 21st-century mindset and values that are important to me: transparency, flat hierarchy, openness, and a cooperative workplace.

What makes Asolvi different (to other tech companies)?

It's all about people and the company culture.

People are really nice, friendly and treat you really well since the beginning. 

What is nice about the company culture is that here you really have a voice and you are really encouraged to express yourself. I also really like the fact the teams are self-managed and responsible for (almost) all things when developing a service: we participate in the discussion about the features and the architecture, we implement, we handle the tests and DevOps. It's a highly cooperative environment where people make an effort to share knowledge openly with others, so you learn a lot, and really have the opportunity to improve yourself, not only technically.

Describe a typical work week for you in 5 words or less.

learn, code, improve, communicate, fun

What are you currently working on? And what language/technology are you using?

We are currently developing a microservice that uses Elixir on the backend and exposes a GraphQL endpoint to other services. That service also has an admin frontend that is implemented using Phoenix Liveview, which is a really nice library.





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