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Are you our new Scrum master?

Are you an experienced Scrum master? Do you value autonomy and want to make a difference? Do you love being part of something larger than yourself? Then take a look at this opportunity!

Who are we

Asolvi is a supplier of software solutions and we operate in several segments within field service management. We are currently more than 100 employees located in several countries around Europe. Asolvi focuses on growth through acquisitions and organic growth.

In Asolvi, we are committed to always questioning what we do and looking for smarter / faster / better solutions and ways to work. We believe in learning through failing, and we want to fail quickly and often. This leads to us knowing what works and not and can develop towards the desired direction quickly. We want to be regarded as professionals who have an opinion behind what we do. We believe in being honest, direct and candid.

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for an experienced scrum master to join us in the UK. You will play an integral part in ensuring that LeSS brings value to the teams and to the department, by always looking at ways to improve ourselves and question the "truths". You are candid, courageous and curious, and have proven experience with building team ownership, cultivating a growth mindset and promoting a "fail fast for faster success" way of thinking. Your experience as a scrum master has provided you with several tools in your facilitator-toolbox, and you have a good eye for value-adding processes. 

You will be part of the Development Guidance team together with the other scrum master and the UX designer, which has the following purpose:

Assist the feature teams in creation of common system design guidelines. Keeping the design alive and keep a record of system design decisions. Participate in domain modelling activities to give the feature teams a better understanding of the domain. Support the Product Owners and Feature Teams in researching and improving the product, using data and domain research to enhance the user experience.

You would be a key-player in promoting our culture and values across the whole organisation. We need you to understand and love the value autonomous, self-managed teams brings to the LeSS process and the organisation. You understand why we do not want to be bogged down by process, written procedures and hierarchy, and you see the value in letting the teams fail. 

We are a company in growth through regular acquisitions, and you would play an integral and active part when on-boarding new companies and team members. 

What is it like working for us? Why are we unique? Check out what our team members say!

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Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

Peregrine Business Park
HP13 7DL High Wycombe Directions


135A Belgrave Dr
HU4 6DP Hull Directions

What we believe in

We succeed as a team and we fail as a team

Are you willing to work with others with an open mind to new ideas or approaches? Do you know and trust the members of your team? Are you aware of each team member’s role and the benefit they bring? Are you willing to help a struggling team member for the success of the team? If you answer yes to these questions then you have understood what teamship and collaboration is.

We want psychological safety in our teams, which means that every team member should feel accepted and respected and safe to share their ideas without fearing judgement. This leads to more innovation, experimenting, learning and engagement. We work on creating psychological safety through coaching and group dynamics training.


Just Talk

We believe in Just Talking. Do you have a question? Do you have some assumptions? Do you wonder what is expected of you? Do you wonder if you are providing value to the team? Just Talk! Ask questions, do not act on assumptions. Ask for feedback, don’t just assume you are providing value. Ask what is expected of you and let your colleagues know what you expect of them. We believe this culture will create a thriving environment where everyone is challenged to perform at their best, every day. 







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