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We are looking for our new team member for our IT Operations team

We are looking for an experienced IT Operations engineer with self-drive and ambition, who want to make a difference at the work-place. If you enjoy working in teams with full autonomy, then apply!

Our company is successfully growing around the globe, and as a result our IT operations team are also expanding. We are excited to announce a special opportunity for an accomplished IT operations engineer.  It is important that you have the technical ability to perform to a high standard, but it is also of equal value that you believe in and thrive in our collaborative and transparent culture, whilst continually and proactively developing yourself.

You will be working within the internal operations department based in High Wycombe, with initially one other engineer plus an additional dedicated support engineer, to develop and manage our internal Asolvi IT system and tailoring software and hardware needs to existing and new customers.

Your responsibilities as an IT Operations Engineer will include on-boarding new customers, ensuring the maintenance and development of the Asolvi hardware and software, and the development and configuration of the Asolvi DevOps environment. In addition, providing Microsoft Azure Cloud for cloud services. The IT Operations team is responsible for deploying, building and developing DevOps and producing, configurating and developing the cloud environment. The team assists with maintaining the internal VMware dev/test cluster consisting of three hosts and one hundred plus virtual servers, and also provides customers with Cloud solutions to suit their requirements. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for someone with experience with all or parts of the areas the team will be responsible for, particularly with DevOps. You need to have a working knowledge of Agile and configuration in a production and cloud environment. You have an aptitude to continually learn and adapt and you possess a natural ability to innovate and problem solve. You have a great inner drive and are motivated to perform at your best. You have seen the synergy effects great teamwork leads to, therefore you value collaboration.

We are looking for someone naturally friendly and approachable who loves being part of a mutually supportive teamYou are quick to grasp and apply new technical skills and you have a proven desire to continually learn and improve yourself in the form of work experience, interests/projects during university, or personal projects you have created by yourself. You are an excellent team player who inspire your colleagues and share your knowledge. You love the idea-generating phase, where you bring new ideas and several approaches to problem solving to the team. At the same time, you are analytical and plan ahead, predict and evaluate.

What is it like working for us? Why are we unique? Check out what our team members say!

Graham Waterhouse (Software Developer at Asolvi).

“I particularly enjoy the transparent culture which means there is a platform to have your voice heard and make a difference. New trends in software development are continually discussed and evaluated which means you are constantly expanding your knowledge base and being exposed to new ideas”.

Joao Gilberto Balsini Moura (Software Developer at Asolvi).

“I saw a company with a 21st-century mindset and values that are important to me…flat hierarchy, openness, and a cooperative workplace.  People are really nice, friendly, and treat you really well since the beginning. You are really encouraged to express yourself. I also really like the fact the teams are self-managed and responsible for (almost) all things when developing a service”.


High Wycombe 

Salary and Benefits: 

£40,000-£65,000 (depending on skills and experience) per annum

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High Wycombe

Peregrine Business Park
HP13 7DL High Wycombe Directions

What we believe in

We succeed as a team and we fail as a team

Are you willing to work with others with an open mind to new ideas or approaches? Do you know and trust the members of your team? Are you aware of each team member’s role and the benefit they bring? Are you willing to help a struggling team member for the success of the team? If you answer yes to these questions then you have understood what teamship and collaboration is.

We want psychological safety in our teams, which means that every team member should feel accepted and respected and safe to share their ideas without fearing judgement. This leads to more innovation, experimenting, learning and engagement. We work on creating psychological safety through coaching and group dynamics training.


Just Talk

We believe in Just Talking. Do you have a question? Do you have some assumptions? Do you wonder what is expected of you? Do you wonder if you are providing value to the team? Just Talk! Ask questions, do not act on assumptions. Ask for feedback, don’t just assume you are providing value. Ask what is expected of you and let your colleagues know what you expect of them. We believe this culture will create a thriving environment where everyone is challenged to perform at their best, every day. 







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